Our mission statement is to build a strong and balanced foundation by providing a warm, safe and accepting setting for each child. We would love to take care of your child and be a positive role model while you are at work.

          Our staff is  C.P.R. and First Aid certified by American Red Cross. We are also Health, Safety and Nutrition Certified. All of our staff has gone though the process of criminal background and fingerprint clearance. We have over 25 years of experience with Children.

      Daily activities are provided for the children to be engaged in – there is NO TV at any time. Our daily activities are focused on academics, age appropriate for preschool and kindergarten readiness. Activities include: free playtime, circle time, story time, arts & crafts, music & dance, etc. Children have the opportunity to learn about colors, shapes, animals, seasons, feelings, textures, numbers, letters, good nutrition, personal hygiene, sharing and manners. 

        All our kids love "Circle time", we read short stories pertaining to the daily activity, flash cards and other learning tools. Motor skill are usually enhanced by sing-a-long, music listening, dancing and art. At Little champs, Social skills are developed by learning to share, communicating with peers, listening, working with others and to be self sufficient and independent.

        We have a large indoor/outdoor play area, where we have numerous age appropriate toys and large spacious backyard with plenty of room to run around, swing away, slide and/or get our hands dirty with sand and water.

       Something to do for everyone depending on our mood for the day!!!! :-)

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